Assmus: Political Exhaustion

Earlier in the year, I wrote an article about my New Year’s resolution to be politically involved and engaged during this election year. I truly believe in paying attention to the news and exercising the right to vote. Now, almost halfway through the year, I am finding it difficult to remain engaged in this presidential election.

First, it is hard to believe that Donald Trump is now the Republican presumptive nominee, especially because of his various prejudiced views and comments throughout the primary elections. It is disappointing to see how much support he has gathered. My faith in American politics is slowly starting to decline.

 The Republican candidates and the lack of cohesiveness in the party are not the only reasons I now feel disengaged in this election; it also is the Democratic party supporters who seem determined to continue to slander each other over Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders. The comments that I see on Facebook and on the internet between Sanders and Clinton supporters are almost as frightening as some of the things that Trump himself says.

Even celebrities are now involved in fighting with each other over the candidates they support, like Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing.  Messing, a Clinton supporter, took the fight to Twitter when Sarandon, a Bernie supporter, hinted that she might vote for Trump if Clinton wins the nomination. I believe in the right to have your opinions and political views, but at this point I don’t feel like listening to the intense debate any longer.

It seems to me that politics, especially in this election, are no longer about looking ahead to the future. Instead, they are a popularity contest that is reminiscent of high school prom elections. Rather than focusing on the policies and the importance of the position of President of the United States, this entire election feels like it has been a media circus that has little concentration on the ideal end goal. This election makes me want nothing to do with the electoral process.

Four years ago I was excited about politics and having the chance to vote. This election year has been very disappointing to me. I find myself not wanting to hear any news about elections or read about politics. I feel burnt out from the constant debates and the coverage of the election. Hopefully this feeling of exhaustion from politics does not continue into future election cycles because I would like to rekindle my interest in politics.