Attend the 8th annual Italian Film Festival

CWRU’s Film Society partners with Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Since April 2, The Italian program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature has collaborated with Italian Film Festival USA and Case Western Reserve University’s Film Society to present the eighth Italian Film Festival here at CWRU. The Film Festival locally premiered at Strosacker, showing four different Italian films with English subtitles

On April 2, the festival premiered with the hilarious comedy “Ci Vediamo Domani” (“See You Tomorrow”). Then on April 9, they showed “La Sedia Della Felicità” (“The Chair of Happiness”).

All movies are held in Strosacker and are free. For more information, visit the Italian Film Festival website.

Although you may have missed these two comedies, there are still two more chances to catch some films:

Film: “Un Ragazzo D’oro” (“A Golden Boy”) Directed by Pupi Avati
Date: Sunday, April 12, 3 p.m.
Genre: Drama

This drama centers on Davide, a copywriter who aspires to eventually write something noteworthy. The only hindrance is that he displays a constant lack of satisfaction, and he suffers from anxiety. After his father’s sudden death, Davide return to his hometown, where he serendipitously meets a gorgeous editor who hopes to publish a book that Davide’s father was working on before he passed away. Watch the movie to find out what lessons Davide learns during his journey to find and publish his father’s book.

Film: “Song’e Napule” Directed by Antonio and Marco Manetti
Date: Sunday, April 19 at 7 p.m.
Genre: Comedy

In this movie, Paco a pianist who takes pride in the fact that he is classically trained, seeks a “safe job.” Paco ends up working in the warehouse of a police department, but he uses his musical talent to capture an elusive and notorious crime leader.