Back in the saddle

The CWRU Police Department would like to welcome back all of our returning students, staff and faculty. As much as we enjoyed the quiet phones in dispatch and the shorter lines at Starbucks, we are glad to have you back.

Whether you spent your break traveling to an exotic location or just watching a lot of college football and sleeping for 20 hours a day, we hope everyone is rested and recharged for the spring semester. As we get back into academic routines, let’s get back into safety routines as well. Here are a few tips.

The almanac says that the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, passed on Dec. 21, and everyday thereafter we get a few more minutes of sunlight. While that’s a reassuring thought, it still gets dark really early in January, so continue to stick to well-lit, well-travelled paths when moving around the campus area at night. The shuttle buses and Safe Ride are also good options for getting around safely.

The CWRU PD usually sees a spike in alcohol-related transports and incidents in January, especially around long weekends. We know it’s cold outside, but you might want to think about moderating your eggnog intake just a little bit.

As always, regardless of the season, theft of unattended cell phones, tablets, backpacks, wallets and purses is the most frequent criminal occurrence on campus. Leave your valuables in your room if you don’t need them, and keep an eye on them if you do bring them with you. If you go to a gym or similar facility, keep valuables in a locker instead of leaving them lying around courtside or poolside.

Make sure you still have our dispatch number, 216-268-3333, in your phone and download the free CWRU Shield safety app on your iPhone or Android if you haven’t done so already. So call us if you need us and have a great and safe second semester. Let’s look out for each other.

On the Beat is a weekly safety column written by Sergeant Jeffrey Daberko and Officer Mark (The Crossing Guard) Chavis of CWRU PD. We welcome questions, suggestions and gripes/groans/moans/complaints about campus life at