Back in town

The Case Western Reserve University Police Department would like to welcome back all our returning students, staff and faculty. While it was great to have the place to ourselves for a bit, it does get a little lonely here eventually. We get sick of looking at each other after a while, so it’s good to have you all back. As we settle back into some academic and living routines it is also worth settling back into some safety routines, so here are some reminders.

If the bracing the Cleveland wind wasn’t enough to remind you we are in the middle of winter here, the fact that it is pitch black outside by 5:30 p.m. should. So continue to use shuttle buses, Safe Ride, sticking to well-lit areas or just walking with friends as you move around the area, especially off-campus, until brighter days return. And they will, I promise.

We always seem to get a spike in alcohol-related transports in January, especially around long weekends. While you may not want to go outside and practice your Arctic survival skills, a trip to the hospital may not be the excitement you are looking for either, so a little moderation may go a long way.

While bicycle theft is normally not a problem in January the theft of unattended items from buildings is—try not to leave your backpack, cell phone or other valuables lying around unattended, especially in high traffic or common access areas like dining areas, lounges, lobbies etc. If you’re using an athletic facility put a lock on any locker you are using and avoid leaving valuables like wallets unattended by the side of a basketball court or track.

If you see something suspicious please contact CWRU PD right away at 216-368-3333 (emergency) or 216-368-3300 (non-emergency). The University Circle area did have a number of robberies towards the end of 2015, so we need the help of the campus community as much as ever in keeping an eye on things. Let’s look out for each other and have a great and safe second semester.