Bearded band’s mayhem at Grog Shop

Mike Suglio, Staff Reporter

The impressively bearded band Four Year Strong took the Grog Shop’s stage to a roaring crowd after three other punk rock bands opened for them.

Thursday, Nov. 20 was another stop for the band on its “Go Down in History Tour,” and as soon as the band began to play, mayhem ensued.

Within minutes fans were crowd surfing and hanging from the ceiling. Literally.

Patrons jumped up and down to the music and formed a consuming mosh pit. Fans not wanting to be a part of the madness, including myself, were pushed far back to the bar as we watched the chaos from afar.

The night didn’t start out crazy, however.

Prior to Four Year Strong was the very energetic Transit. Upon taking the stage, the incredibly smug (and at times cocky) punk rocker, Joe Boynton, jumped into the crowd and began his set.

Throughout the set Boynton often held the microphone to the audience who sang along with him. Unlike Four Year Strong’s set, many audience members weren’t as familiar with the music, but the ones who sang along were very much into Transit.

Boynton was quite the performer, often singing his songs while crowd surfing or hanging from the rafters—a feat I have never seen at the Grog Shop.
Transit, an emo band formed in 2006, performed in Warped Tour, with a sound reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday or Fall Out Boy. The band has recently settled into more of a Death Cab for Cutie vibe, however.

I was often distracted from Transit’s performance by the high number of fans jumping off the stage and into the crowd. This gymnastics show was quite a sight to see and, remarkably, no one was hurt. There was a short moment where I wanted to give it a try, and then better judgment sank in when I realized I would probably break at least a few bones in the process.

Luckily, no bones were broken during Four Year Strong’s show.

Formed in 2001, the band has built up an impressive following.

Singer Dan O’Connor asked the audience who had seen the band before this performance, and nearly the entire crowd roared and raised their hands. I immediately could hear the fans around me begin to discuss “crazy” past shows.

The crowd went berserk during the popular hit, “Wasting Time” and fans jumped off the stage into the crowd where multiple people were crowd surfing.

With such diehard fans, Four Year Strong proved to be a strong concert at Grog Shop. After all, the small venue looks best when it’s packed.

Band: Four Year Strong/Transit
Location: Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Hts. Blvd.
Date: Nov. 20
Rating: ★★★1/2