Beginnings and Endings

As one Intramural sport finishes in dramatic fashion another kicks off with hopes and hype

It was a long, strenuous journey for all involved, but the campus indoor hockey tournament has reached its conclusion. The league champion, as well as the consolation bracket champion, has been crowned. Let’s review the ending of the tournament.

In the semifinals, No Ra-Gretzkies topped SigEp by a final score of 5-3 to advance to the finals. Meanwhile, Dental Dynasty tripled up Zeta Psi by a 9-3 tally to set up the championship bout. Ultimately, No Ra-Gretzkies took home the title in a decisive 5-1 triumph against Dental Dynasty. For No Ra-Gretzkies, it was a run that “The Great One” himself would have been proud of.

As for the consolation bracket, the semifinals proved to be wildly entertaining. Snakes and Vests edged out Delta Chi 6-4 to punch their ticket to the finals while BME SunDevils survived a slugfest against The Sports Fiesta, escaping with a 7-6 victory. In the finals, BME SunDevils prevailed against Snakes and Vests by a 9-4 score to claim the title of Consolation Bracket champions.

An incredible run for BME SunDevils certainly ended in glorious fashion.
With the floor hockey tournament in the rearview mirror, intramural basketball has taken a front seat on campus. With five leagues’ worth of teams set to go at it, the action promises to be intense. While a couple of the leagues tipped off the action already, the others are set to begin play later in the week. The leagues include: the Co-Rec Self-Officiated league, the Fraternity B No Refs league, the Fraternity No Refs league, the Open Paid Officials league and the Open Self-Officiated league.

The Open Self-Officiated league has tipped off, with several games already in the books to begin the season. Basketball Team defeated No Casualties 37-29. M4evah prevailed against #TeamGetSwole by a 45-40 final, while Took ur Gma to Applebee’s got the better of #TeamGetSwole 32-20. K540 mauled MSA to the tune of 60-26. M4evah defeated Eastern Reserves (Green) 39-24. Bearsley and the Boys triumphed over Swim and Dive 52-27. TiP TOE WiNG JAWWDiNZ(Purple) emerged victorious against House4, while Tippit Tipsy Turtles defeated Money Team. $ad boyz got the better of The Business Fraternity. Dream Runner edged out Ball is life 33-31.

Last Minute prevailed over Norton Hears a Who 43-26. Hemoglobin Trotters nearly doubled up ChemE Grad, winning 45-23. CIM survived a tight contest against Vinculum Juris by a 31-28 final. Half-Court Hook Shots took care of business against Runnin’ Gunners(Black) by a 43-30 score. BME SunDevils defeated ChemE Grad 36-28, while Hemoglobin Trotters were victorious over CIM 41-31. Vinculum Juris decisively beat $ad boyz 49-32. Dream Runner prevailed over Half-Court Hook Shots 48-36.

Last Minute defeated The Business Fraternity 49-31, while Ball is Life was victorious against House4. Money Team eked out a 49-45 victory against Norton Hears a Who. Took ur Gma to Applebee’s beat TiP TOE WiNG JAWWDiNZ(Purple) 50-36. K540 defeated Tippit Tipsy Turtles 42-27, while No Casualties emerged victorious over Eastern Reserves(Green) in a 25-24 thriller. MSA prevailed over Swim and Dive 28-21. Finally, Basketball Team defeated Bearsley and the Boys 40-34.

The Co-Rec Self-Officiated League has also gotten underway. Fiji/APhi defeated Prashant’s backup Dancers, while Delt/Phi Mu mauled Beta/TriSigma 41-17. Theta prevailed against APO Volunteers(Dark Blue).

Last but not least, the Open Paid Officials League has tipped off as well. The Smash Bros(Purple) eked out a 34-32 victory over The Wolfpugs. Team Guenther defeated Veteran Presence 36-23. Monstars ran Flint Tropics out of the gym 54-33, while Tune Squad prevailed over THE All Night Samplers 34-30. The Retractors beat Free Riders in a barn burner 36-35. Finally, You Know Why We’re Here ran roughshod over Dirty Dental Dump 44-20.
Be sure to check back next week, as the action begins to pick up across all leagues.