The Local Flavor – The Best Uptown Restaurants to Satisfy Your Palette

Food: it is an integral part of any person, both in health and in cuisine preferences.  In the moderately-sized sprawl of Uptown/University Circle, there is a good deal of restaurants, big and small, that can serve as major staples for the foodies among the incoming and returning students of Case Western Reserve University. Some of those mentioned in the following list of the five top restaurants in the Circle are surely going to be ones that will satisfy your hunger.

      5. Kenko

One of the newer additions to Uptown’s set of available restaurants, Kenko is a welcome addition to the area as an Asian cuisine restaurant specializing primarily in sushi, teriyaki and the strongest reason to go to Kenko: its wide variety of teas.  Featuring affordable prices on “Kung Fu” milk tea from the likes of oolong tea all the way to the delectable matcha green tea, just simply pair these drinks up with delicious teriyaki bowls with different proteins or specialty rolls for a delicious time.

      4. Chopstick

Yet another stop for Asian, specifically Chinese, cuisine, Chopstick is a significantly smaller and less varied affair. Primarily acting as a venue for takeout, it is also possible to eat inside, as a small dining space is available. Despite its cramped nature, the food itself can make you insatiable, with delicious offerings such as orange chicken, steamed rice, sesame chicken, different types of lo mein and rolls of various kinds. Chopstick offers all of these and more at some of the cheapest prices in Uptown, and it is also remarkably fast and efficient at the preparation and cooking of food.  Definitely worth a looksee.

      3. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

An already stylish restaurant, Potbelly is made even better by the small but great selection of sandwiches available. These range from traditional sandwiches such as BLTs and Clubs to their signature sandwiches, including their uniquely named sandwich A Wreck, which is filled with salami, roast beef, turkey, ham and Swiss cheese.  Comfortable atmosphere, a plethora of assorted bottled drinks, chips and special fruit smoothies and shakes make Potbelly worth a visit.

      2. Simply Greek

The newest addition to Uptown, Simply Greek specializes in Greek-American cuisine and provides a home-style dining and food to the area. It offers several simple and complex gyros, baklavas, wraps, salads and burgers, applying Greek mixes to all. It is a wonderful entry point for those who have yet to be introduced to Greek food.

  1. Dynomite Burgers and Sushi

For the people looking for a very social and a mostly reasonably priced outing on a weekend evening with friends or family, Dynomite is the place to be. Its signature dishes are its burgers: Each represents various locations and figures within the restaurant industry and comes with its own exotic ingredients, from paprika mayo to caramelized onions and mortadella, and each one is sure to keep your hunger at bay for days on end. You are also able to build your own burger if the signature burgers appear to limit your choices.  For those craving something else, an equally strong sushi menu is available, from avocado rolls and tuna rolls to other special Dynomite rolls. The seafood options are also strong at the best restaurant in Uptown as well.