Bon Appétit denies changing dining hall quality on prospective student days

For a while, many Case Western Reserve University students have wondered whether the quality of food in the dining halls, Leutner Commons and Fribley Commons, improves on days when prospective students visit. According to Bon Appétit Resident District Manager, Jim O’Brien, nothing of that sort occurs.

“As far as quality of food, it doesn’t change,” he said, also noting that the budget remains the same. “It’s only the amount we make. It’s not in our best interest to do that, and it is also not ethical.”

According to O’Brien, the dining halls prepare menus a week in advance and are given a notice of an open house only a couple days in advance. This is so that they increase the production of food they are supposed to make.

“We also increase our management up in front of the dining halls and have our supervisors present,” said O’Brien.

“[The workers] put forth the same effort they put forth any other day,” added general manager for Leutner Commons David Cummings. “The menus aren’t written for anything like that. They put in the best effort they can regularly.”

However many students still maintain that food is better on days where there are prospective students and parents visiting the university and dining halls.

“It’s so obvious that [the servers] try harder and are even much nicer,” said sophomore Armaan Hasan. “The workers are always great and nice to me, but I feel like CWRU and Bon Appétit put pressure on them to do better.”

“It’s definitely better,” added sophomore Emma Seyffert. “I actually had a mother of a prospective student come up to me and ask me if the food was this good. I don’t want people to not come to CWRU, so my friend and I just told them that it is still usually good. We also just didn’t want to lie.”