Browns have options for first pick

The Cleveland Browns are in the enviable position of having the number one overall draft pick in the NFL draft. There have been debates among fans about whether the team should trade their pick for other picks just farther down in the draft or for players like Jimmy Garoppolo. Since it looks like the team will not trade the pick, here are some of the potential players that the Browns would take at number one overall.

The Browns desperately need a quarterback. As such, one of their options will most certainly be one of the major starting quarterbacks available in the draft. Some of the big names in the draft are Deshaun Watson of Clemson University and the University of Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer, who went to high school in Toledo, Ohio. Another quarterback that has continued to impress scouts across the NFL is Mitchell Trubisky from the University of North Carolina. There are rumors that the Browns are heavily interested in Trubisky, who also attended high school in Northeast Ohio, to the point where they may take him No. 1 overall.

Another position that the Browns desperately need is defensive end. The Browns were 31st in the NFL last year in sacks per pass play, an important metric to measure the quality of a defense’s edge pass rushers. Myles Garrett of Texas A&M University is one of the few players that are a lock to be a top ten pick in the draft and someone that can turn a struggling franchise around almost singlehandedly. Garrett is probably the safest pick that the Browns are considering in the draft due to his ability to change an entire defense in one season. He would also fill a position that the Browns desperately need.

Overall, there is a lot of discussion occurring about who the Browns should take at number one. Trubisky has been an up-and-comer, impressing in his pro day and forcing the Browns to consider him.

What will likely happen, however, is that the Browns will take Garrett at number one. What this means is that if other teams aren’t as interested in Trubisky as the Browns are, they may be able to take him with the number 12 overall pick. If Trubisky is taken, the team can potentially still salvage their quarterback situation through free agency or trading players. They may even draft a quarterback in the later rounds or use their 11 picks to trade into the first round to take Kizer or Watson.  

The Browns are in a great spot to improve after the miserable 1-15 season that they just went through. Garrett, who was once the presumptive number one overall pick, is being challenged by rising star quarterback who appears to be the best option at the most important position on the football field.