O’Keeffe: It’s time to salute my bucket list

As a second semester senior my attention, focus, motivation and feelings are all over the place. One minute I’m diligently studying to reach my cumulative GPA goal I set as a wee freshman and the next I’m shoving textbooks aside to edit my resumé. I’m simultaneously wishing I could fast forward to graduation and leave “The Mistake on the Lake” behind, while hoping time would slow down and my college social life could continue on forever.

Among studying, preparing for the future and never wasting a moment with my dear CWRU friends, one thing is for sure: I need to make the most of each precious moment of my final semester. Like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I have gone ahead and created a bucket list.

While most of us look at our weather apps and whine “Why Cleveland? Whyyyy?,” we actually think Cleveland has several redeeming, dare I say cool, qualities. So, before I leave the 216 behind I want to be super Cleveland-y and get one last fix of Cuyahoga. Because I love sports, I want to take a photo underneath the massive Lebron mural outside The Q before encouraging Kyrie to hustle like Delly. And when my Snapchat filter shows temperatures above freezing (aka April in Cleveland), I want to eat corn dogs while I pretend to enjoy baseball at an Indians’ game.

After enjoying the finest sports Cleveland has to offer, I want to climb to new heights. Literally. There’s an observation deck on the 42nd story of Terminal Tower that offers superb views of our metropolis. Let’s be honest, how cool would it be to walk up to a stranger on the observation deck, point to the sun glinting on the roof of PBL, and say “Look, I go to school there!”?

Since I’m no longer on the meal plan, I have to scrounge for myself (a.k.a microwave Lean Cuisine). I want to take advantage of happy hours, daily specials and all the great restaurants in Cleveland. All, of course, in the presence of the amazing people I have enjoyed CWRU with. While nourishing ourselves at not-Leutner, we can savor Nostalgia Champagne and sip OMG The Future Is Coming Help liquor (as 21-year-olds, obviously, because we’re fourth-year students). From Feb. 19 to 28, awesome eateries throughout Cleveland are participating in Restaurant Week, where they offer fancy set menus at a reduced price (#CollegeBudgetFriendly). You can bet your bottom dollar I will be taking full advantage of this week-long gastronomic gala.

To relax after time spent at sports games, observatories and stuffing my face at different restaurants, it’s always nice to watch a movie. But watching Netflix in a cocoon of blankets on my own doesn’t quite make the “every moment is precious” cut. Therefore, with some of my best buddies, closest pals and an HDMI cable, I want to post up in a comfy lecture hall, un-mute the projector, scoop into a gallon of Mitchell’s and have an Amanda Bynes (pre mug shot) movie marathon.

Sure, I love to jest about being sCWRUed in the Mistake on the Lake, but I know once I toss my cap in the air, I will begin to miss our campus and yes, even Cleveland. Therefore, from now until May 15, I’m going to churn through assignments concisely and cram for tests more effectively than a clown car coordinator to make more time for my bucket list. I’ve worked my tail off the past seven semesters, now it’s time to reprioritize and maximize all forms of enjoyment over the next 16 weeks.

Heather O’Keeffe is a fourth-year student studying biomedical engineering and minoring in sports medicine. She bought herself a 6-foot map of South America and Nicki Minaj perfume over winter break.