Candidate Sai Gandhe

What are your plans for this position?

“As the Vice President of Information Technology I would like to establish better connections with the Information Technology Services (ITS) and Student Affairs IT administration so the students have a say in IT advancements and renovations on campus. I would like to work with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of ITS and Director of Student Affairs IT of the university to ensure students are content with the services being provided and help them shape their new endeavors in such a way that would maximize student satisfaction. I hope to complete some initiatives we started this year like; getting better WEPA experience, reducing Wi-Fi problems, renovating the Launchpad website, introducing Active Learning classrooms, reevaluating clickers/online homework, and updating all departmental websites.”

Why do you think this is an important position?

“This position is important as it represents the student opinion on how efficiently the university is integrating technology into its education system. As modern day education involves internet, laptops, online homework, clickers, programming, etc. this position plays a crucial role where students require efficient representation in what technology would help them maximize their potential to excel. Without accurate representation the university may not be able to effectively implement technological advancements that would directly influence student requirements.”

What are your plans to integrate student concerns into your work?

“I hope to integrate student concerns by initiating more feedback availability on USG website so that we would get more student opinion into our initiatives. Simultaneously I hope to work with different departments on campus to renovate and update their websites so students would be willing to give feedback and see its active implementation through minutes or logging back on the website. I also hope to work closely with the PR committee in USG to gain maximum feedback from the student body through feedback Fridays and by conducting open to all meetings in the Tinkham Veale University Center on a regular basis.”