Candidate Salina Zhang


Why do you want this position?

“I’ve just been really passionate about student life. I’ve been on campus for three years. I feel like I’m a very good person to represent and I can help to rally the whole student body and represent the campus well. I love getting feedback from the students, so from that I want to help to move forward and do what the students want and help them as much as possible.”

What is one initiative that you really want to complete in your first semester?

“I’ve been working on the school spirit initiative and that’s something I really want to keep forward with. I’ve been working with the school spirit committee, which is headed up by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, and I would love to continue with that. We’ve been working on coming up with a school chant, so that’s something I really to continue to raise the general school spirit and Spartan pride. A lot of times we see CWRU students and we think they’re not happy on campus, but there are so many great resources on campus and we are an amazing school with amazing students and so many different people involved in so many different things and I really want to highlight that.”

How do you plan on communicating with the student body?

“I feel like the USG website is a great resource, even though a lot of students sometimes don’t really go on there. This year, we have open committee meetings always posted online. I’m also going to have office hours. I’d love to have someone come to me with anything. I’m always open with emails and phone numbers. We’ve also been doing Feedback Fridays. That’s a great way to have students put their feedback into what we’re doing. We’ve been doing a really good job. We’ve been getting maybe 200 to 300 results from all of them,and that’s something we’ve never done before and I’m really proud that we did all those.”

You mention in your letter of intent that you really want to work on school spirit. School spirit is a tough issue, how do you plan on actionably working on it?

“We did a survey on school spirit, and during it, we asked if what the student body wants to see; athletics, more academic class bonding time or organization showcases. A lot of students said a variation of those. The biggest percentage was 15 percent of people wanted to see classtime bonding… I also really like the idea of bringing tradition on the campus that we can all adhere to, like Step Night, where juniors all get together and take a step on Adelbert signifying that you’re going into your senior year. I was thinking that’s something we could do to increase class bonding, which the students wanted. USG can definitely also work with the other organizations, like COC and UPB, and the whole school could be involved… I think its not about having everyone go to all the events all the time, but having everyone involved in at least one thing that they’re passionate about, so when they graduate, they can say I love Case Western because. They can look back on their undergraduate career with fond memories.”

How do you plan on utilizing and improving Feedback Friday?

“I think we do a really good job at the polling station, but its still kind of localized because we do it in Sears, so we get a lot of engineering students. I want to get more feedback from people who are in the social sciences or are on the Mather Quad more. One thing I wish is that it becomes more and more common and people realize we are doing this every Friday and we can have more online presence. We do now; we have an online form people can just fill out, but a lot of times when you don’t force it down people’s throat they don’t want to make change. They think their opinions don’t matter. I want to show people that we are making change according to what they want, so more people will do the online surveys and we’ll get more feedback. I want to publish the results of the surveys so people can see the results and our initiatives so that people can see that USG is doing something. I’m really proud of what we have done so far, so I want to continue that.”