Car crashes into Kent Hale Smith building after chase

Late last month, senior Eliana Fabiyi was walking home with her friends after performing with Improvment, the same as any other Friday night. But this time, she experienced the “most exciting thing [she’s] seen on campus.” A car, skidding across the road, burning rubber, popped two of its tires as it sped across the Adelbert bridge, crashing into the Kent Hale Smith Building.

According to Sergeant Jeffrey Daberko, Case Western Reserve University security joined the Cleveland police in a car chase once the car crossed onto university owned property.  After the car crashed into Kent Hale Smith, its two occupants fled the scene, but were apprehended by the police within minutes.  A firearm, left behind by one of the occupants, was found near the crash site and taken by police.

Fabiyi says the event was just like “a crazy scene from a movie.”

Before the car crashed, she says, the occupants jumped from the car, rolled, and then got up and ran. Officers were able to pin one of them, but were too slow for the other, who ran behind the building. Officers were eventually able to apprehend him, and both suspects were taken into custody. Fabiyi says that there were ten or 12 police cars on the scene, as well as a helicopter hovering above.

Although the event culminated on the CWRU campus, no security alert was sent out.

According to Daberko, CWRU policy only requires alerts if there is an ongoing danger to the campus. Because both suspects were caught, students were not notified of the event.