Cardi B makes “Money Moves” on debut album

In a raw and unfiltered telling of her story, Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” marks her arrival onto the hip-hop scene, making it clear that she’s here to stay. The debut album features 13 tracks, including Cardi’s breakout number one single “Bodak Yellow,” and a wide variety of collaborations from artists including SZA to Chance the Rapper and Migos.  

Released on April 6, “Invasion of Privacy” is an emotional rollercoaster, combining intimate, personal and hilarious tracks as Cardi details her roots and rise to fame.

As Cardi declares in the opening track “Get Up 10,” she “went from making tuna sandwiches to making the news/I started speaking my mind and tripled my views.”

The self-proclaimed “strip club Mariah Carey” emphasizes her background as a dancer-turned-queen-of-rap, boasting “I was covered in dollars, now I’m dripping in jewels.”  

Cardi stated in an interview with Rolling Stone that she nearly quit music because of financial concerns.

“Invasion of Privacy” shows two distinct sides to Cardi B: the stone-cold Cardi who doesn’t play around in “Money Bag” and “Bickenhead,” balanced with the bluesy Cardi in “Ring” and “Thru Your Phone.”  Her Latin roots are showcased in “I Like It,” a collaboration with reggaeton singer J Balvin and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny.

Cardi’s playful side comes out with rapper YG on “She Bad,” in which she claims, “Know a bad b**** when I see one/Tell Rih-Rih I need a threesome.”

With an opening track as powerful as “Get Up 10,” Cardi saves the most emotionally charged songs for the end.  

“Thru Your Phone” builds on the anger of “Be Careful,” as she brainstorms ways to avenge herself after her man cheats on her, rapping, “Smash your TV from Best Buy/You gonna turn me into Left Eye.”  

The album ends on a triumphant note with “I Do,” featuring singer SZA. Cardi sets the tone for her reign as queen of the rap game in this song, saying, “I’m in a boss b**** mood…. These are some boss b**** shoes” and “Only time that I’m a lady is when I lay these h**s to rest.”

When I first heard “Bodak Yellow,” I’ll admit that it wasn’t something I added to my playlist immediately. Cardi B’s distinct rapping style threw me off, and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. After hearing “Invasion of Privacy,” though, I can say for sure that Cardi has cemented her own unique rapping styleone which has quickly become her trademark.  

With her clever wordplay and honest depiction of her story, “Invasion of Privacy” adds a dimension to Cardi B which certain audiences might not have recognized before. “Bodak Yellow” may have launched Cardi B into the spotlight, but “Invasion of Privacy” shows how she basks in it.