Case Salsa club holds a successful dance class

Cecelia Zielke, Staff Reporter

Were you at Starbucks at around 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3? Glancing outside, did you suddenly feel as if you were in a scene from “Step Up Revolution”?

It was likely that you were witnessing a portion of the Case Western Reserve University Salsa Club undergoing their first practice of the year. Enough students flocked to the occasion that the club couldn’t fit all attendees in their usual Village Dance Studio meeting spot. While half remained, several dozen students took to the streets to learn the basic steps of salsa dancing.

The Executive Board members of Case Salsa Club led the group in a basic pattern for their first club meeting. However, since Sept. 10, the club has welcomed instructors from Viva Dance Studio of Cleveland every Tuesday night from 8 to 9:30 p.m. to instruct lessons for students of all skill levels. Members have learned quite a bit from Eddie and Nika, two of the instructors, in the past two months. 

On Facebook, one can watch the new members progress from learning the basic step pattern to performing the moves of ducks, embraces or “cuadrados.” The Salsa Club’s Executive Board says that they are “proud of their new dancers” for “taking the opportunity to show off.” In addition to the weekly lessons, the club holds classes for extra practice and technique-focus periodically throughout the semester.

As the club strives to fulfill their aim for members to have fun and listen to great music, they have ventured much further than North Residential Village. Weekly, members show off their skills on Thursday nights at Viva Dance Studio in Asian Town Center and on Friday nights at Europa in Woodmere. In addition, the club bonded during a social at Edgewater Beach in mid-September.

To keep updated on the adventures of your fellow students or if you are interested in joining, visit the Case Salsa Club’s website for information and to access their social media accounts. In addition, keep an eye out for Case Salsa Club’s Performance Team later in the school year, who frequently brings culture and positivity to campus events.