Case Western Reserve ultimate club hosts successful North Coast tournament

Team heads to Pittsburgh this weekend for Steel City Showdown

Katie Wieser, Sports Editor

The Case Western “Fighting Gobies” ultimate club hosted their tenth annual North Coast tournament on the weekend of Oct. 26 and 27. The event drew in high-level teams from Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky to vie for the title and win bragging rights for the season ahead. The CWRU men’s team swept the field, winning the top spot without a single loss. The women’s team also made a strong showing, appearing in the final prior to falling to top-ranked Ohio State University.

The men’s team was split into three squads after a last-minute withdrawal from the tournament. During the course of the competition, the “A” team won all six of their matches in the top pool by a decisive margin. The “B” and “Y” teams also played competitively, keeping the event interesting for spectators and participants.

The women’s team won their first five matches, beating out a challenging Cleveland State University team in the second round. The team edged out Carnegie Mellon as well before facing off against Ohio State in the final.

There were a total of eight women’s teams and 10 men’s teams in the tournament. From the increased participation from last year, it’s clear to see that the CWRU-hosted weekend is growing in prestige among regional teams.

Both squads look to ride the momentum of a successful weekend to the Steel City Showdown hosted by Carnegie Mellon this weekend. This tournament is one of the highlights of the season with last year’s national champions in attendance. The women’s team has grown in numbers since last year, meaning it can be more competitive in the collegiate level competitions. Both teams are looking to play well against fierce competition.

As a sport club in the college environment, most players participate for the love of the sport. Ultimate frisbee draws a varied and passionate crowd with most players participating in regular practices and competitions. The team competes with other colleges in the region in an effort to advance to a national tournament. Last year, the men’s team placed ninth in the region and the women placed fifth, showing that the Gobies are a force to be reckoned with in the Ohio valley.

The team looks to gain skill during the college series building up to the qualifying competitions later in the season.