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The Bad Batch, a clone trooper special forces unit made up of defective clones, takes Disney+ by storm.

“The Bad Batch” is the “Star Wars” connective tissue we never knew we needed

Streaming recommendation of the week 5/7/2021
Shreyas Banerjee, A&E Editor May 7, 2021

Tuesday, May 4 marked the latest iteration of “Star Wars” Day, along with a “Star Wars” property unlike any other. Yes, as you might have heard, “The Bad Batch” is the new “Star Wars” show...

Chloé Zhao wins “Best Director” for “Nomadland” in the middle of an overall weak ceremony.

The 2021 Oscars prove that the awards show needs a reset

Shreyas Banerjee, A&E Editor May 7, 2021

There’s no beating around the bush. The 93rd Academy Awards were a disaster. This was for a multitude of reasons (it’s not just a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), but most of it boils down...

Witness the dark side of the fishing industry in this new documentary.

“Seaspiracy” lays bare the catastrophic costs of fishing to our planet

Priyanka Jain, Staff Columnist April 23, 2021

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day I feel I don’t give as much attention to as I should. The only memories I have of the significant day are the field trips I took in my elementary school where my teachers...

The giant lizard and giant monkey face off in the most ambitious crossover event of the century.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is the big action distraction we needed

Streaming recommendation of the week 4/9/21
Shreyas Banerjee, A&E Editor April 9, 2021

The beautiful thing about movies is that it’s such a diverse medium. You can really tell a story about anything through the series of images spliced together that make up films. Sometimes, you want to...

After years of waiting, experience the Snyder Cut in all its messy glory.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is an overdone, bloated mess. I still loved it.

Streaming recommendation of the week 4/2/21
Shreyas Banerjee, A&E Editor April 2, 2021

If there’s any one genre that’s defined the last decade of film, it’s been superhero movies. Best epitomized by films like “Avengers: Endgame,” the genre has been buoyed by safe, blockbuster...

Experience the culmination of seven years of work in Jon Batiste's new album.

Jon Batiste discusses his new album and this crazy year of his

Yvonne Pan, Development Editor March 19, 2021

“We look around for the answer, for somebody to save us, to understand who we are. I look around at the time that we're in and that's the question and the answer. We are? We are,” musician Jon Batiste...

The Athena Film Festival celebrates women in digital form

Michele Lew, Contributing Reporter March 12, 2021

Throughout the month of March, Barnard College is hosting the annual Athena Film Festival. Founded in 2011, the Athena Film Festival features female leadership. Issues discussed in the films cover both...

Jermaine Fowler (middle) gives a great performance in this lackluster sequel to

“Coming 2 America” trades spirit for production value

Shreyas Banerjee, A&E Editor March 12, 2021

The original “Coming to America” is a classic American comedy. Starring comedian Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, and Arsenio Hall as...

“Nomadland” reflects the America beneath the surface

Streaming recommendation of the week 3/5/21
Shreyas Banerjee, A&E Editor March 5, 2021

America is a beautiful country. From coast to coast, there are millions of wonderful places to visit, beautiful sights to behold and kind people to meet. Yet behind it all, there’s a strange despair...

Tom Holland stars as a bank-robbing veteran suffering from PTSD in this disappointing Russos Brothers film.

“Cherry,” the film that shut down CWRU, is ultimately a disappointment

Margot Gordon, Contributing Reporter February 26, 2021

After filming in Cleveland and shutting down the Case Quad of Case Western Reserve University for half a week, Joe and Anthony Russo’s film “Cherry” finally came out in theaters Friday, Feb. 26....

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