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GlamGore: Roaring Hunties, where flapper fashion is still pushing gender norms

The Grog Shop's monthly GlamGore drag show featured a tribute to 1920's flapper culture.

Lydia Mandell, Contributing Reporter

January 30, 2020

All of Coventry could hear the audience in the Grog Shop scream last Thursday night when drag queen Sarah Tonin grabbed a ceiling banister, pulled herself up and dropped onto the floor in a split. The shrieking continued as the queen got up, brushed her bangs out of her face, unfazed, and collected he...

Hooke: What am I listening to?

Matt Hooke, Executive Editor

January 23, 2020

“Follow You Follow Me”-Genesis I did not intentionally listen to “Follow You Follow Me” this week. When the chorus randomly popped into my head over the weekend, I figured that it was from this early 80s hit, and I’ve been listening to the first American pop hit by Genesis on an endless lo...

Film Society’s 45th Annual Sci-Fi Marathon provided warmth on a cold night

Film Society’s 45th Annual Sci-Fi Marathon provided warmth on a cold night

Masha Goykhberg, Contributing Reporter

January 23, 2020

I went to Case Western Reserve University Film Society’s 45th Annual Sci-Fi Marathon woefully unprepared. Not to say that it was on a whim, but rather that when I saw the words “Sci-Fi Marathon,” I assumed it was self-explanatory. That it was just going to be 14 movies played end to end for 29...

IMPROVment welcomes students back to campus with their Welcome Back Show

Yvonne Pan, A&E Editor

January 23, 2020

This past weekend, IMPROVment hosted their Welcome Back Show in Eldred Black Box, on Jan. 18. As it was many people’s first time at a Case Western Reserve University IMPROV show, two cast members explained how the scenes would be based on audience suggestions. “For example, this morning for bre...

Slyman’s Restaurant and Deli has a pile of meat you’ve got to eat

Slyman’s manager Sam Mahfouz holding up just one half of one corned beef sandwich. The restaurant sells between one and two thousand sandwiches a day.

Henry Bendon, Staff Reporter

January 23, 2020

Slyman’s Restaurant and Deli is a no-nonsense establishment. It takes up two rooms on the ground floor of a building on the corner of St. Clair Ave. and E. 31st St. The interior is red, white and black with menus covering several of the walls, the kitchen visible behind a counter, all flat top grills ...

Halsey’s new album “Manic” is raw and reflective

In “Manic,” Halsey becomes more introspective.

Aimee Wiencek, Staff Reporter

January 23, 2020

On Jan. 17, Ashley Frangipane, better known as Grammy-nominated singer Halsey, released her highly anticipated third studio album, “Manic.” Since her debut studio album “Badlands” was released in 2015, Halsey, 25, has quickly become one of the biggest artists of our generation, producing songs t...

Gerwig’s “Little Women” tweaks a quintessential story to fit a new era

“Little Women” plays with the timeline of its source material to create an adaption of a classic that adds something new.

Shreyas Banerjee, Staff Reporter

January 23, 2020

“So don’t sit there and tell me that marriage isn't an economic proposition, because it is. It may not be for you but it most certainly is for me.” With that one new line, delivered powerfully by Florence Pugh playing Amy March, one of the four March sisters who make up the titular “Little...

Selena Gomez’s new album “Rare” is vulnerable and empowering

Aimee Wiencek, Staff Reporter

January 17, 2020

This past Friday, Jan. 10, pop singer Selena Gomez released her third solo studio album, “Rare.” The album released by Gomez, 27, has been highly anticipated by fans since her last album “Revival,” which came out nearly five years ago.  The album mainly reflects on her relationship (and heartbreak) w...

Bieber begs fans to boost new single to Billboard No. 1

Justin Bieber, who came into prominence in 2010 with his hit song

Chris Heermann, Photo Editor

January 17, 2020

Justin Bieber’s campaign to boost his new single “Yummy” to number one on the Billboard Top 100 chart seemed ordinary at first. The musician had not released any solo singles in four years, so it makes perfect sense that the artist would push fans to go stream it on social media, as he likely l...

A brief interview with James Ehnes

James Ehnes, a Canadian violinist, has won numerous awards, including two Grammy's.

Jackson Rudoff, Staff Reporter

January 17, 2020

Canadian violinist James Ehnes is considered one of the most gifted violinists of his generation. On Jan. 14, Ehnes performed Beethoven Violin Sonatas numbers 5, 6 and 9 with pianist Andrew Armstrong at the Maltz Performing Arts Center. It was the second portion of a three-part cycle concert cycle through the...

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