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Birria Tacos from Cilantro Taqueria are always a good option on a cold winters day.

Where to order out from this winter

Shivangi Nanda, Copy Editor February 11, 2022

Snow-filled streets and sidewalks make for cumbersome walks to classes and even worse trips to dining halls and other food locations on campus. For this reason, students feel more inclined than ever to...

Several students reported experiencing symptoms of food poisoning after dining at Leutner Commons.

Did Bon Appetit give me food poisoning? How to avoid a norovirus outbreak

Kate Gordon, Staff Writer February 4, 2022

I was not surprised when last Thursday, Jan. 27, University Health and Counseling Services finally sent out an email notifying students of a recent norovirus outbreak. Although their email communicated...

Eating pizza while walking on 4th St. is one of the true joys you can have in Cleveland, and with Cleveland Pizza Week, all sorts of slices are available at a discounted rate.

Cleveland Pizza Week is here: These places are my favorite so far

Shreyas Banerjee, Life Editor November 12, 2021

Despite being only a mid-sized city, Cleveland has a significant number of food options—and nowhere can this be seen more than in the local pizza scene. Though Cleveland doesn’t necessarily have a...

A latte from Six Shooter Coffee can be the perfect companion in a study session.

Stop and smell the coffee beans at some of the best coffee shops in Cleveland

Shreyas Banerjee, Life Editor November 5, 2021

I have a secret to reveal. I never had coffee before turning 20 years old earlier this year. As such, I could hardly call myself a coffee connoisseur—I’m still dabbling, to be honest—but I believe...

Take a break from campus dining and explore the diverse cuisine that surrounds CWRU

Where to find the best places to eat around CWRU

Christie Lanfear, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

Despite the ease of grabbing lunch or dinner at one of the many dining options on campus—Leutner, Fribley, The Jolly Scholar, The Den, Tink, etc.—the novelty of these restaurants soon wears off and...

Making champagne cocktails to celebrate the end of the semester

Chris Markham, Director of Print May 7, 2021

To celebrate the end of classes, the upcoming end of the school year and the imminent commencement for my fellow graduates, I thought it would be appropriate to share some recipes for champagne cocktails....

How to make the holy trinity of coffee cocktails

Chris Markham, Director of Print April 30, 2021

What two liquids are more symbolic of the college experience than coffee and alcohol? We college students drink coffee at seemingly all hours of the day to help us tackle the endless amount of work and...

How to make a mojito

Chris Markham, Director of Print April 16, 2021

The mojito is the delicious national drink of Cuba. Rum, mint, sugar, lime and soda. It really doesn’t get any better than this drink. If you like mint, you’re all but guaranteed to like the mojito. The...

How to make a cosmopolitan: The grown-up vodka cran

Chris Markham, Director of Print April 9, 2021

The cosmopolitan, often known as just “the cosmo,” is truly a modern masterpiece of mixology. With its fruity flavors and pink hue, it’s both easy to drink and easy to recognize. If you like tasty...

They said it couldnt be done. Brewnuts and Hot Chicken Takeover proved otherwise.

Chicken n’ … donuts? Brewnuts and Hot Chicken Takeover collaborate

Lydia Mandell, Staff Reporter September 25, 2020

Food can be an emotional experience for many, but trepidation and gross intrigue aren’t the usual emotions associated with dining experiences. However, when two Cleveland restaurants––Brewnuts and...

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