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Sweet, savory and sexy: Foods for the college couple

Keeping the title of a Case Western Reserve University couple is a rare feat—it’s hard to manage the demanding CWRU lifestyle while still making time for each other. Even with moments to spare, planning those perfect dates you see in the movies is near impossible. What’s a CWRU couple to do? In our experience, quality time together can be found in the little things, and some of our best memories have come from cooking: Food is a love language, and nothing is more romantic than creating a meal with the people you love.

However, as we can attest, cooking can be complicated, messy and, most importantly, time consuming. After some trial and error, we’ve pulled together a sweet, savory and sexy list of foods that are quick to make and sure to satisfy both the aesthetic sensibilities of the “phone eats first” partner and the hunger of the one who will eat pretty much anything.

Store-bought pizza dough

Store bought pizza dough is one of our go-tos. The dough and the toppings are fairly cheap, so it’s unlikely to strain the college student’s wallet. And not only is it inexpensive, this dish’s versatility allows you to craft a personalized pizza for both you and your partner—or one big one if you’re okay with sharing. Choose your toppings, spread a generous layer of your favorite sauce, add a sprinkling of cheese and throw it in the oven. A few minutes later, you will have a piping hot, homemade pizza that’s cute enough for BeReal, and so good there won’t be leftovers for tomorrow.


Few things are as comforting as the smell of a warm batch of cookies, and you’d be surprised that whipping up a simple batter doesn’t take much finesse. The ingredients are pretty easy to come by, and there’s an endless variety to choose from, ranging from classic sugar cookies to our favorite: chocolate chip espresso. For added intimacy, try your hand at cookie-cutters. Chances are you will run into many cringe-cute arguments over who makes the better shapes. When baked to perfection, these sweet treats are ideal as a movie snack or for sharing over a cup of tea or coffee.


Spaghetti is the epitome of quick and easy comfort food. All it takes is pasta, your favorite jarred sauce and any meat or veggies you desire to create a satisfying meal that is ready in minutes. If you’re feeling fancy, consider sprinkling in some grated parmesan cheese or fresh herbs. The best part is that you can share it straight out of the pot—no need to bond over washing more dishes. Truly, it’s a classic dish that’s perfect for couples looking to spend quality time together without sacrificing taste.


If you’re seeking some quick and easy Japanese cuisine, onigiri is a definite solution. These delicious rice balls are not only portable but also easily customizable. Fill them with your favorite ingredients such as grilled chicken, pickled vegetables or even some spicy tuna. Our favorite is canned tuna mixed with spicy mayo and sriracha sauce. Some of the most fun in making this dish comes from actually shaping the onigiri. When one person is inevitably better than another, it becomes a playful competition. Onigiri is quite easy meal prep as well, making it great to take on picnics or just to have as a quick snack.

Customized instant ramen

Everyone knows that instant ramen is a college staple, but it doesn’t have to be predictable. Elevate this simple meal by customizing it with fresh ingredients—sliced vegetables or meat, added seasonings and a boiled egg make for a “mostly” nutritious and satisfying bowl. For more variety, consider switching it up with unique ramen flavors; we’re partial toward Buldak’s carbonara style and Indomie’s mi goreng. However you like your ramen, this is a flavorful and budget-friendly option for couples looking to do some cooking without having to think too hard about meal prep or kitchen setup.

Overnight cinnamon rolls

For those with a sweet tooth and a weekend to spare, consider overnight cinnamon rolls. While they require a bit of planning, the result is sugary, soft, delicious and absolutely worth it. Prepare the dough the night before, let it rise overnight and just pop them in the oven the next morning. It’s a sweet and memorable way for couples to enjoy a lazy weekend morning together. And if you’re looking for something with even less prep time, there’s no shame in canned cinnamon rolls either—we love them too!

Charcuterie board

For couples who want to feel a bit sophisticated, charcuterie is always a good idea. Assemble a simple spread of cheeses, cured meats, crackers, fresh fruits and olives for an easy meal with complex flavors. While a little pricey, the ingredients are simple to put together and easy to tailor to your preferred flavor profile. We were able to find tasty and affordable cheeses at our local grocery store. Whether it’s a romantic picnic or a casual stay-in kind of night, a charcuterie board adds class to any occasion.

With college life being so hectic, it’s no wonder couples struggle to spend quality time together. But whether it’s a pizza date, a cozy evening with home-baked cookies or waking up with cinnamon rolls, these culinary delights are bound to bring you closer together. So enjoy the process, try new foods along the way and hold tight to these moments of togetherness, as they make all the difference.

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Shivangi Nanda, Executive Editor
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