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Classics come alive at CWRU Classics Day

Veronica Madell, Staff Reporter

September 27, 2019

 If you see a person walking around on Friday, Sept. 27 in a classical helmet with feathers sticking out the top, don’t mistake them for the school’s Spartan mascot; it is classics professor Evelyn Adkins. The ancient Roman helmet makes an appearance on this one day every year: Classics Day. C...

Climate strike at Public Square draws passionate crowd

Students from Campus International High School hold signs for the climate strike in Downtown Cleveland.

Lewis Nelken, Contributing Reporter

September 27, 2019

“HEY HEY HO HO FOSSIL FUELS HAVE GOT TO GO.”  Teens from multiple Cleveland high schools chanted and waved signs with messages such as “We are taking time out of our lessons to teach you one!” Students began arriving early at the rendezvous point, their blood as hot as the searing pavement un...

Hong Kong protests hit University Circle

Collin Wong, Staff Reporter

September 27, 2019

Tensions are only growing in Hong Kong as pro-democracy demonstrations continue for the 16th straight week. This past June, residents of Hong Kong protested an amendment to the city’s extradition law. It would have allowed Hong Kong to process the extradition of criminal suspects that any government requests,...

CWRU’s annual Farm Harvest Festival is a smash

The annual Fall Harvest Festival held at University farms

Maryam Iqbal, Staff Reporter

September 20, 2019

This Saturday saw the 7th annual Farm Harvest Festival taking place at Case Western Reserve University’s spacious farm. Organized by the Student Sustainability Council (SSC), it was an opportunity for students, faculty, staff and other community members to have fun off campus in the great weather, an...

Asian Mid-Autumn Festival features various cultural clubs

Students enjoy the events offered at the Asian Mid-Autumn Fest

Nihal Manjila, Staff Reporter

September 20, 2019

Various cultural clubs from Case Western Reserve University came together to host the annual Asian Mid-Autumn Festival this past Friday in Thwing Center. The Festival served as a gathering of students, clubs and other organizations, with food catered from various Asian restaurants around Cleveland fo...

100 students run for SpartanTHON 5K

CWRU's 5K color run fundraiser organized by SpartanTHON

Jordan Reif, Staff Reporter

September 20, 2019

Last Saturday, two twin brothers ran through a hand-painted sign marking the 2019 SpartanTHON FT(5)K Run, and were immediately doused with colored powder by volunteers. The twins, Ben and Owen Kader, were born prematurely and suffered from severe respiratory, brain and circulatory disorders. While re...

Marthe Cohn, French-Jewish Spy during World War II to talk at CWRU

Marthe Cohn with medals awarded by the French military for her bravery and espionage activities against the Nazis in WWII.

Grace Howard, News Editor

September 13, 2019

“Do I look like a spy?” Marthe Cohn was accused of espionage almost immediately upon entering Germany for her first mission. She was only 24 years old when she joined the Intelligence Service of the French 1st Army. When she was questioned about whether she was a French spy at her first stop in...

SEXPOpalooza excited students to discuss safe and consensual sex

Students learn about safe sex practices at SEXPOpalooza 2019.

Jordan Reif, Staff Reporter

September 13, 2019

Last week, over three hundred students rose to the occasion to have open conversations about sex and sexuality at the annual SEXPOpalooza event. Co-hosted by Sexual Assault and Violence Educators (SAVE) and Greek Life, the convention fostered discussions about safe and consensual sex through partnerships...

English Colloquium discusses the evolution of Genre

Matt Hooke, Executive Editor

September 13, 2019

The crowd bled out of Guilford Parlor into the English department lobby for a "Roundtable on Genre,” focusing on tragedy, pastoral and the American sonnet. The panel featured three members of the department: Associate Professor Maggie Vinter, Lecturer Denna Iammarino and Ph.D. student Cammy Ring. ...

SEXPOpalooza to switch venue and accommodate more students

Ryan Yoo, Director of Design

September 6, 2019

SEXPOpalooza, the annual event hosted by Sexual Assault and Violence Educators (SAVE) and Case Western Reserve University Greek Life, aims to provide students with a safe space to learn, discuss and participate in sex education related activities and discussions. “The aim of the event is to encourage stud...

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