Chapati is an Indian Chipotle


Stephanie Kim/Observer

The restaurant provides a variety of options with which to build your meal.

Uptown has expanded to include Chapati Indian Grill, which has recently opened right next to Jimmy John’s and Inchin’s Bamboo Garden Express (another new restaurant). It is set up just like Chipotle, but luckily without the line out of the door.

You get the option of either a wrap or a bowl, then proceed to personalize your bowl or wrap with entrée options for gluten-free and vegetarian diets. You can then top your entrée with a sauce of your choice and a variety of items, from cucumber salad to yogurt.

As for the general taste, I thought some bites of the meal were super bland, while others were super packed with flavor. As far as I could tell, most of the food seemed like it had been sitting out for a while, which could have explained the mediocre quality of the meal.

But the real star of the menu is a refreshing mango lassi beverage. It a refreshing blend of fruit and yogurt that is quite filling. The only complaint I had was that the size of the lassi cup was just too dang small.

Overall, the meal itself was not super impressive, but it was filling and affordable. I suggest you stop by when in a time crunch or looking for affordable Indian grub. If anything, be sure to stop by for a mango lassi—it is really worth it.

Restaurant: Chapati Indian Grill
Location: 11440 Euclid Ave.
Price Range: Under $10
Rating: ★★★☆☆