Chippy Kennedy


Year: Second
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Scituate, Mass.

What is your biggest goal for USG in the 2014-2015 Academic Year?
If elected, my biggest goal for the upcoming school year would be to expand USG’s presence on campus by increasing our day-to-day responsibilities and advocating efforts for students. I want to offer more support for student organizations and a stronger voice for all students.

Other campus positions outside of USG: 
Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field athlete, member of Chinese Students and Scholars Assoc., member of Cleveland Public School Connection

Prior USG experience / initiatives undertaken
One year as Engineering Representative on Finance Committee; One semester as Finance Committee Treasurer.
Initiatives include streamlining the USG student organization mass funding process, debate and guideline creation for student organization recognition, engineering school Fall 2013 student advising event organizing.

What is the biggest issue you see your position having to face? How do you specifically plan on tackling it?
Student groups are underfunded and not recognized as a predominant voice on campus. My solution is to streamline the funding process for student groups and increase the non-financial resources available for student organizations and work as an advocate within student affairs and with the other USG organizations.

Only 32 percent of student group funding requests were filled due to money constraints. How do you plan on addressing this issue? Do you have any ideas to rework the funding process?
I plan to be an stronger advocate for student groups when it comes to working with administration and the SEC. I plan to work hard to bring more money to student groups.

USG drastically overestimated the financial rollover it had from last year, so there were less available funds this fall for student groups then projected. How do you ensure that this doesn’t happen again?
In the example of USG’s current VP of Finance, I will use dynamic rolling funding reclaim and keep a tight watch on our finance across the board so rollover will never be a surprise. I will also ensure USG’s internal expenses continue to be as low as possible.