Cleveland Botanical Garden a holiday hotspot

“Christmas lights so bright, you would even say they Glow”


Lilith Freed/Observer

Cleveland Botanical Gardens welcomes all visitors to its family-friendly event, “Glow.”

Aquene Kimmel, Opinions Editor

Program: Glow
Location: Cleveland Botanical Gardens, 11030 East Blvd.
Price: Free with CWRU ID; $16 adults; $12 children

The Cleveland Botanical Garden was closed for six days to set up for their winter holiday program, Glow. During that time, the grand Christmas tree in the main foyer toppled over, and a water pressure issue set off the fire alarms, forcing all of the employees outside.

Despite these setbacks, every pine and poinsettia was in place when the Garden’s “winter spectacular” opened on Nov. 28.

Glow includes gingerbread house-decorating, a miniature gift shop where children can buy gifts for their parents and family, a train to take children around the gardens, an old-fashioned candy shop, a Wishing Tree where visitors can write their Christmas wishes and live music. There are also many Christmas trees decorated by the Botanical Garden’s affiliate garden clubs and gingerbread houses made by local children and adults. At night, the gardens are lit up with Christmas lights for anyone who will brave the cold to go see them.

In addition to the food available at the Bon Appétit-run Garden Café, there is also a small bar set up in the main event room where visitors can purchase hot cocoa, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Admission is, as it is year-round, free for members and for Case Western Reserve University students up to once per week with their student IDs.