Cleveland catch-up

Woman sentenced for killing boy with car, continued driving without license

After admitting to fatally hitting a 12-year-old boy with her car and continuing to drive without a valid license, Starlesha Lewis, 19, will face two years in jail, according to News 5 Cleveland.

Lewis was sentenced to vehicular homicide and will concurrently face time for involvement in an unrelated hit-and-run incident. According to police, she never held a valid license and bragged about her misdemeanors on social media.

Last August, Lewis killed 12-year-old Ameer Mitchell, and then turned herself in to police. She was then granted a surety bond, allowing her to go so long as she complied with the bond’s orders. Later, she was pulled over for speeding, and then for driving under a temporary license without an on-hand driver.

Lewis’ license will be suspended for four years following her release.

Man robs store in blue face

At 4:30 a.m. on Nov. 26, a man disguised as a member of Blue Man Group robbed a Lakewood, Ohio 7-Eleven, holding the clerk at kitchen-knifepoint, according to News 5 Cleveland.

According to the police report, the perpetrator took a roll of quarters and fled with his weapon, which appeared to be a large kitchen knife. He was wearing a blue puffy coat, a black hat and black pants, but had allegedly visited to the store the previous night in a tan jacket.

Police search for 40 missing Amazon packages

Police are looking for an unknown suspect who took the keys of a vehicle containing 40 Amazon delivery packages in East Cleveland and drove off, according to News 5 Cleveland.

The 36-year-old driver said he noticed the truck behind him was following him, and that several bystanders were behaving in an odd manner when he got out of his car to make the delivery. A nearby resident witnessed the event and immediately took the driver to the police.

Amazon Flex, the company for which he works, is an Uber-style delivery service. The incident heightened fears for delivery service people. According to an article published by News 5 Cleveland, the bystander said that, “Amazon’s going to get people killed. I haven’t looked into it yet, maybe somebody has been killed already, but somebody’s going to get killed.”

Cleveland man threatens elderly black woman, attempts to stab her, encourages his son to call her the “n-word”

Keirian Kelley, 28, is charged with ethnic intimidation, a fifth degree felony, after threatening his neighbor, an elderly black woman, according to They both live in St. Clair Place, an apartment complex in downtown Cleveland on E. 13th Street.

Kelley’s first offense stems back to July, when the elderly woman accidentally fell into Keirian’s wife. Once the wife calmed down, Keirian continued with a barrage of racial slurs that caused her to fear for her life and call police.

Since then, Kelley has not let up in his attacks on the elderly woman. Upon seeing her across E. 12th Street on Aug. 10, he continued to yell racial epithets at her and threatened to kill her and her son. He encouraged his son to call her the “n-word.”

Though these incidents took place over the summer, Keirian Kelley was not charged in August. His arraignment is Dec. 4, 2017.