Cleveland Catch Up

Emily Young, Copy Editor

Record voter turnout for 2018 gubernatorial election

On Tuesday Nov. 6, Ohio voters turned out in record numbers to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. In the gubernatorial race between Democrat Richard Cordray and Republican Mike DeWine, preliminary tallies showed 4,307,665 votes cast, according to With Cordray winning 46.4 percent of the vote and DeWine 50.7 percent, reports that the Republicans secured the governor’s race for the seventh time in eight elections.

Cleveland Police Department to spend millions upgrading department technology

As part of an equipment maintenance and upgrade plan, the city seeks to keep its police force up to date by spending over $27 million between 2018 and 2023 on equipment upgrades, according to This plan is a part of a consent plan designed to make the police department more efficient and reduce excessive force by Cleveland police officers. The department will be purchasing new desktop and laptop computers, as well as spending an additional $2.6 million in equipment and software maintenance reports.

Court finds that Cleveland police withheld evidence in a 2002 murder trial

A panel of appeals court judges reviewed the case and determined that Cleveland police withheld two eyewitness statements that would have helped the accused killer, Michael Buehner reports. The appeals court judges also found that Cuyahoga County Judge Peter J. Corrigan abused his power when he refused to hold a hearing for the accused’s request for a new trial based on the police departments misconduct. Buehner has been imprison since his sentencing and will appear in court on Nov. 15 for a hearing regarding his conviction.

Law enforcement agents hospitalized for fentanyl exposure after drug raid

Eight Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s deputies and two U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents were sent to the hospital Wednesday Nov. 7 after being exposed to fentanyl during a drug raid. The officers entered a home on Hilliard Drive at approximately 5:30 a.m. and were exposed to the drug while arresting one man. All officers were checked at the hospital and were given a clean bill of health.