Cleveland Museum of Art music curator retires after 17 years

Anastazia Vanisko, Staff Reporter

For reasons that are currently unknown, Massoud Saidpour, the curator of performing arts and music at the Cleveland Museum of Art, has retired after 17 years in the position.

Considering the recent cutbacks United Airlines intends to put in place in April, this latest news comes at a difficult time for the museum. Saidpour’s job included bringing in artists from out of town, but due to the lowered number of planes flying into Cleveland, it will be more difficult to convince artists the trip is worth it. If it is easier to travel to a major city directly than to take a roundabout route to Cleveland, why wouldn’t artists go elsewhere? Many of the performers are international, making the already complicated process of traveling even more difficult maneuverability.

Despite Saidpour’s leaving, the museum will continue with its current 2013-2014 performance series.