Transferring to another school, two COC officers resigned

In the early April, Case Western Reserve University students elected their new class officers for the year of 2016 to 2017. However, with the resignation of two officers, students may have to vote again to fill the two vacuum positions in the coming fall.

Claudia Greenspan, a first-year student, and Keshara Senanayake, a second-year student, have both worked at the Class Officer Collective (COC) before. Greenspan was the marketing and public relations officer for the class of 2019 last year. She ran again for the same position in the spring and got re-elected despite competition from two other candidates. Greenspan really appreciated her experience working at COC and recognized the commitment that COC made in promoting school spirit.

I loved being in COC and I felt like it was an outlet for me to really help make an impact on CWRU even as a freshman,” Greenspan says in a message. “It also showed me how much planning truly goes into every school-sponsored event.”

Greenspan will transfer out of CWRU in the fall and thus forgo her position at COC. She felt regretful that she is not able to continue her work at CWRU: “I’m sad to resign, but I value my time in COC greatly and hope to continue to participate in some form of student government at my new school.”

Coincidentally, Senanayake resigned for the same reason as Greenspan. Senanayake was the president for the class of 2018 last year and was elected as president again in the spring. At CWRU he also served in the Undergraduate Student Government as a representative. Senanayake describes his experience as the COC president as “humbling” and “eye-opening.” His devotion to this position also made the decision to resign very difficult.

“Being a class president was more than just another extracurricular,” said Senanayake. “It became my life. While it is sad to leave the position, I know that the memories and friends made will last beyond my time here. For that I am forever thankful.”

In addition, Senanayake also held position at the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) as the Vice President of Public Relations. This position will be open to all students for re-election in the fall as well.

Both Greenspan and Senanayake will not return to Case in the fall. Therefore COC will open the two empty positions in the fall. Radhika Patel, the executive president of COC, says that anyone who is in the respective class is welcomed to apply for the positions.