Constantino’s Market launches new delivery service

Sometimes Cleveland weather can make it difficult to go outside because of snow, subzero temperatures or wind blowing in every conceivable direction. With Constantino’s Market’s new pickup and delivery service, Case Western Reserve University students and Cleveland residents don’t even need to step outside to get the groceries they need.

With the online ordering service that local businessman Tigran Asriyan helped set up, ordering groceries is as easy as ordering from any other online site. Additionally, the site has a mobile browser so customers can order from their phones. The website is, and it is updated every week to reflect the sales and deals at the stores.

Asriyan was a student in Akron, and he sought out Constantino’s because he felt that the stores are in a very good location. Because of the downtown and uptown stores locations, Constantino’s caters to uptown and downtown residents, as well as many college students. When Asriyan was in school, he didn’t have a car on campus. “This is an easier option for people to get the groceries. It is hassle free,” said Asriyan.

For a flat $5 fee, customers can use the online ordering service to pick up their groceries in the store. This means that customers would not have to waste any time in their busy days to go and buy groceries. Since customers pay directly onsite for their groceries, they can simply walk into the store and pick up their bags.

The fees for the delivery service are a bit different. There is a $5 fee for totals over $20 and $10 fee for totals over $100. Additionally, totals over $150 receive free delivery service. “We are working to have a standardized fee,” said Asriyan.

Customers can order groceries on the website any day of the week. But Constantino’s will only deliver Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. It will accept orders up to two hours ahead of delivery time.

“I see the service expanding. Our goal is for residents in the community and students to use it. I think it would be great to use during midterms and finals week,” said Asriyan.

With this hassle-free online ordering service, it would be a lot easier to get groceries. Since the program is relatively new, Constantino’s wants feedback from everyone so that the service keeps improving. Also, Constantino’s is offering free delivery to CWRU students with the use of the coupon code CaseCLE.