Construction of new Happy Dog delayed

Gabrielle Buffington, Staff Reporter

Plans to turn the Euclid Tavern into a new location for the famed Happy Dog restaurant may take longer than expected due to co-owner Sean Kilbane’s death in February, but hot dog lovers shouldn’t be worried as the owners still hope to have the new spot open in the fall. No concrete dates have been set yet, however.

The Happy Dog on Detroit Avenue is one of Cleveland’s legendary spots. In a city known for its culinary variety, the home grown and locally owned restaurant is famous for the unique dishes it offers—notably its quarter pound hot dogs and sausages—as well as the wide array of music people can listen to while stuffing their faces and guzzling drinks. The calendar for Happy Dog’s live performances is extensive. The line-ups contribute to the restaurant’s popularity, and keep the place packed.

So packed, in fact, that, last November, the owners decided to create a second location. Kilbane was very excited about revitalizing the Euclid Tavern into another Happy Dog. There were hopes to complete this remodeling in March, but, because of Kilbane’s death, the old Euclid Tavern is still standing.

Kilbane died from injuries sustained from falling down the stairs of the original Happy Dog location. He was a musician who was influential in the vibe that the Happy Dog promotes. He was responsible for bringing in many of the bands that have performed there, and was excited at the prospect of doing it all over again in a brand-new location. He was known throughout Cleveland as a food connoisseur and music enthusiast.