CWRU dining halls gear up for Valentine’s Day

Julia Bianco, Staff Reporter

White tablecloths, fancy dishes and a string quartet are uncommon sights in a college dining hall. But today, students Leutner Dining Hall will be able to enjoy five-course meals for the low, low price of just two meal swipes.

Students will have a five-course meal with their choice of options, ranging from Parmesan crisp and anchovy filet to sushi California rolls. Performers from the Cleveland Institute of Music will serenade the students while they dine.

Thursday is the second year for the two-swipe date night at Fribley, and Friday is the first at Leutner.

“There was some brainstorming amongst the chefs and managers to think of a fun promotion we could do for the students for Valentine’s Day,” said Beth Kretschmar, Marketing Manager at Bon Appétit.

“We thought of what you would do on a typical Valentine’s Day date, and then we brought it to the dining halls.”

According to David Slabaugh-Whiteside at Fribley, the cooking teams are putting new twists on dishes they have created in the past.

“We’re doing a flank steak, but instead of grilling it, we’re going to vacuum seal it and slow poach it in water. It makes the most tender flank steak you’ll ever have. It’s a traditional dish, but we’re doing it in an exciting way.”

This year, there was a lot of preparation and thought put into the menus by the chefs at each location.

“A lot of the people I work with used to work in restaurants, so they know a lot about fine dining,” said Chef Robbie Washington at Leutner. “I had them put their heads together and come up with a special menu for Valentine’s Day.”

Chef Washington was extremely proud of some of the dishes that his team came up with.

“One of my favorite entrees is the pan seared bacon-wrapped Miller livestock pork chop with creamed polenta and wild mushroom ragu.”

“It’ll be fun and it’ll be interesting,” said Chef Washington. “We’re pretty excited around here for the event.”