Intramural sports back in full swing for the spring

The Spartans are our pride and joy here at Case Western Reserve University. Our NCAA Division III teams attract our attention week by week, game by game, and those who are on these teams devote much more time than just in-game for practices and workouts. However not all of us are interested or talented enough to make it onto these teams, and instead are our players’ spectators, fans and even friends. For the rest of our student body, the option of intramural sports may be exactly what we want to participate in.

This semester several intramural opportunities still await. The table tennis intramural has already begun, and the sign up for floor hockey has closed and it will get underway soon. Other sports such as volleyball, basketball, bowling, softball, dodgeball and more await. Any and all that interest you are a simple online form away for you to play.

Intramurals are played all around campus and even off campus. Golf, which was played last semester, took place off-campus at the Airport Greens Golf Course in nearby suburb Willoughby Hills. Most other events take place in Veale Center or on DiSanto Field.

However this year is exciting as a new sport and a new venue have opened for intramurals: bowling at The Corner Alley. One day you could be rolling a 12-lb. ball down at a collection of pins, avoiding the gutter at all costs and attempting to get a strike with every frame, and the next you could be holding a bat swinging at a small ball that is hurling towards you, attempting to avoid strikes at all costs.

Talent is not necessary, and normally neither is experience for intramural sports. If any of the events being held by the intramurals this year interest you, even if you’ve never played before, you can join in and enjoy some friendly competition with fellow students. Win, lose or draw (although winning is the best), everyone can enjoy an awesome game of whatever sport they want to play.

Look into what is being offered this semester and get active. Your mind and body will thank you for being healthy and fun.