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An overview of several university related projects

Gabrielle Buffington, Contributing Reporter

Project Name: Sprav (Turn your shower into a smart shower)
Year: 2013
By: Sprav Water (co-founders Craig Lewis, CJ Valle, Andrew Schad)
What product does:

The Sprav water meter clips to your showerhead to measure how much water you use during a shower. Sprav works in conjunction with a smartphone application to save the data of each shower. You can tailor your preferred amount of time for showering on this application so that the next time you use Sprav, it can respond to you. It has an LED light that changes colors: going from green, to yellow, to red in correspondence with how much time you have left to shower (according to your settings).

Raised vs. Required: $25,045 (as of press time) – $80,000 (Oct. 17, 2013 – Nov. 16, 2013)
Project Name: Pebble (E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android)
Year: 2012
By: Pebble Technology (Eric Migicovsky, Andrew Witte from CWRU ‘09 (lead engineer, second employee))
What product does:

Through Bluetooth technology, the Pebble wirelessly syncs to an iPhone or Android, then connects with apps; alerts users of incoming calls, emails and messages; and tells time on a waterproof, programmable e-paper face.

Raised vs. Required: $10,266,845 – $100,000 (April 11, 2012 – May 18, 2012)