CWRU organizations bring students from Hispanic education group to campus

Tara Tran, Staff Reporter

This past Saturday, April 12, students from Esperanza, a Hispanic education organization, came to Case Western Reserve University for a tour and to get a feel for the campus. The event was hosted by CWRU organizations La Alianza and Latin Alliance, bringing prospective students to the university.

La Alianza and Latin Alliance are Hispanic and Latino groups on campus that exist in order to bring together Hispanic, Latino and non-Hispanic students. La Alianza celebrates culture and community through appreciating all aspects of diversity. Latin Alliance is an organization open to faculty and staff, which also promotes diversity and unity among friends and colleagues at CWRU.

Latin Alliance planned and coordinated the Esperanza event, while La Alianza contributed volunteers to work the event. Esperanza works in Cleveland to improve academic achievement among the Hispanic and Latino population, increasing the number of high school graduates and encouraging higher education among students, assisting in areas such as scholarship opportunities.

The day started with a tour of campus in the morning, followed by a coffee break with faculty and staff. The students were then given a presentation about campus admissions. At noon, the group ate lunch together at Leutner Commons along with CWRU students. A student panel followed lunch, where the prospective students were able to talk with and ask current CWRU students about their experiences. Esperanza then gave a presentation at Kelvin Smith Library before the students returned home.