CWRU Performance Showcase dazzles prospective students


Parv Sud

CWRU Nritya Performing at the Performance Showcase

Emily Young, Development Editor

For hopeful students dreaming of going to Case Western Reserve University, there is no greater experience than the Diversity Overnight program. A chance to meet real students and live life as a college student for a day is one of the best ways to discover all that CWRU has to offer.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions works hard to show the best of what CWRU has to offer with events hosted by campus clubs such as Club Soccer, Camp Kesem and the Black Student Union. While most people are often excited about the traditional ice cream social offering free Mitchell’s Ice Cream, the crowning jewel of the program is the CWRU Performance Showcase.

While the showcase is hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, events like these are a great way for current students to take a break and enjoy all that our student groups have to offer. 

According to fourth-year Student Coordinator Parv Sud, “turnout for the event was higher than expected,” with almost all of the prospective students on campus attending, an increase from previous years. 

Another fourth-year student, Igor Tutelman, found the showcase to be a “great opportunity for CWRU performance groups to showcase their talent.” 

And unlike other more traditional performances, students had the opportunity to “meet with some of the performers after the show” and get to know more about the CWRU community, according to one prospective student. 

The showcase took place on Sunday, Nov. 10 and featured some of the most popular student performance groups on campus. IMPROVment took the stage with their trademark brand of audience-interactive comedy, followed by acts like the Spartan Bhangra team and Dhamakapella. The full lineup consisted of groups showcasing students’ diversity and talent to impress the prospective students.

Programming like this is what Sud finds to be the most amazing part of acting as a student coordinator with the Office of Admissions. “Being able to facilitate relationships between hosts and prospective students” and show the best of CWRU has been extremely rewarding for Sud. After all, that is what CWRU is all about: making connections and discovering all that the world has to offer.