CWRU Police Blotter, May 1 to August 16

On the Beat

With at least 36 bicycle thefts or attempted bicycle thefts reported so far this summer, one of the biggest lessons from the recent crime logs is to lock up your bike. The Case Western Reserve University Police Department provides free U-locks to students, and if you take advantage of this service, you’ll be a lot more likely to hold on to your ride.

Other lessons? Keep an eye on your backpacks and laptops and be sure to always pay attention to your surroundings. In addition to these common thefts, here are some of the crimes that have happened on and around the CWRU campus this summer.

May 2: Felony theft—prescription medication taken from backpack, Wolstein Research Building.
May 4: Robbery—group of walking students approached by four males who demanded money, Mistletoe/Wade Avenue.
May 10: Vandalism—construction debris used to break several outer windows, North Residential Village House 7.
May 16: Robbery—male knocked down and robbed by 8-10 black male juvenile suspects, Magnolia/Hazel Avenue.
June 11: Fraud—student sold fake tickets to sporting event, 11302 Euclid Ave.
June 23: Attempted robbery—two juveniles brandishing possibly fake weapon demanded money from students, 11483 Hessler Rd.
June 28: Voyeurism—female reports possibly being filmed by cell phone while in restroom, Taft House.
July 2: Public indecency/disorderly conduct—combative nude male running in parking lot, Lot 17.
July 11: Attempted motor vehicle theft—three suspects observed in the act of attempted motor vehicle theft by vehicle owner, Lot 78.
July 15: Criminal trespass—previously warned male found on property, Crawford Hall.
August 12: Felony theft/breaking and entering—juvenile stole Cushman motorized cart, Lot 4.