So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

We have reached the end of the academic year and the final On the Beat column. Commencement 2015, which once seemed like a distant mirage, is now right around the corner. The Case Western Reserve University Police Department will go from dealing with a bustling student-filled campus to watching tumbleweeds blow across the quad (well not exactly, but close enough).

This has been a tougher year than usual. From the Wade Commons robbery in July, to the tragic plane crash in August, the concerns brought forth by the #webelonghere movement, along with the usual challenges of campus policing at a dynamic urban school like CWRU, this has been a year of challenges.

We like to think that, as a campus community and as a department, we have risen to these challenges. Steps have been taken to improve security on the north side of campus especially, and while not all of them have been popular (sorry if you find our E.115th tower aesthetically displeasing), they seem to have been effective. The community came together to mourn and try to start healing from the loss of four young students. And we have striven to address student concerns and respect the diversity of the campus community while still staying focused on our primary mission, protection of the people and property of CWRU.

We will continue to strive to improve as the summer months descend on campus. For those of you graduating this year, go forth and do great things. To those who will be returning in the fall, we will keep the campus intact while you are gone and prepare for your August return, when we will once again start reminding you to lock your bikes, not leave valuables unattended and have 216-368-3333 in your cell phone. To the class of 2015, congratulations and best wishes from CWRU PD. Let’s look out for each other and have a great summer.

On the Beat is a weekly safety column written by Sergeant Jeffrey Daberko and Officer Mark (The Crossing Guard) Chavis of CWRU PD. We welcome questions, suggestions and gripes/groans/moans/complaints about campus life at