CWRU reinstalls veteran’s memorial

Miriam Ridge, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 20, construction workers began to reinstall the Veterans Memorial Flagpole behind the Amasa Stone Chapel at the end of the Binary Walkway. They expect to complete it on Friday, Oct. 31.

The memorial was built in 1962, on the campus of the Case Institute of Technology, near the Olin Building. It was later relocated to an area between the Amasa Stone Chapel and the now-demolished Baker Building. The Baker Building and the memorial were torn down to make room for the Binary Walkway 10 years ago.

The flagpole is currently in storage. According to Daryl Costanzo, Case Western Reserve University’s grounds supervisor, the monument consists of a 50-foot aluminum flagpole and 8-foot granite base.

The base is engraved with the following, “In Memory of the Men of Case Who Gave Their Lives in the Nation’s Wars.”

The flagpole flies a 10-by-15 foot American flag.

“There will be a few small benches and we’ll have some landscaping done around the area,” added Costanzo.