CWRU Thoughts

The Case Western Reserve University community is known for thinking beyond the possible. Each week, this column aims to capture a slice of campus life.

Q: What made you decide to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art?
A: I’ve done art my whole life, and CIA is one of the only schools in the country that does the biomedical art program. I’m really interested in science and learning about the world, and I’m also interested in drawing technically. I’ll have science classes at Case next year and study more anatomy.

Q: What’s the biggest change from art in high school?
A: It’s very open. I learn a lot from every project I do, and the professors are really inspiring. They really drive us to do art well. I have a drawing professor who will go on a 40-minute monologue about why we’re here. He inspires us to be the best people we can be in his class. I think it’s a good wake up call.