CWRU Thoughts

The Case Western Reserve University community is known for thinking beyond the possible. Each week, this column aims to capture a slice of campus life.

Q: What are you majoring in?
A: Finance.

Q: What made you decide to major in that?
A: I was always interested in money and how companies can go about making it or not.

Q: What are some of your memorable experiences at CWRU?
A: I really enjoy my film classes with Professor Spadoni. I take away a lot from that. I’m minoring in film, and that’s what I want to do when I get out of college, work in that industry either on the creative side or the business side. It’s something I’ve always been really interested in.

Q: What’s been your favorite part of the class?
A: Learning how to watch movies outside of class. You start to pick up on things, like what to look for and different motifs.

Q: Do you have any movie recommendations?
A: “There Will Be Blood”—that’s my favorite movie. It’s just an awesome movie, and it’s by the best director [Paul Thomas Anderson] that’s working right now, in my opinion.