CWRU Thoughts

The Case Western Reserve University community is known for thinking beyond the possible. Each week, this column aims to capture a slice of campus life.

Q: What is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself this past year?
A: This is my first living alone in a different city and going to professional school. I’d like to say I’ve matured a lot.

Q: What are you studying?
A: I’m in dental school. It’s hard but I like it. My favorite part is definitely the anatomy. It’s different and it’s not something you’d normally expect.

Q: What made you decide to go to dental school?
A: I have a couple of dentists in the family. The biggest decision for me was deciding whether to go to dental school or medical school. I did some shadowing and figured out I like dental school better.

Q: What’s been the most important thing you’ve learned so far?
A: Cultural competency and learning there are people similar to me and people different from me, as well as maintaining professionalism at all times. Looking at everyone as a blank slate and not making any judgments is something else I’ve also learned to do. I’d like to think I’ve blossomed a lot. This is the first time I’ve really talked to other people, and I’ve met people who come from places all over the world on one campus. I went to a small college, so this is the first time I’ve met other people who are so different.