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Stephanie Kim/Observer

Stephanie Kim/Observer

Stephanie Kim/Observer

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The Case Western Reserve University community is known for thinking beyond the
possible. Each week, this column aims to capture a slice of campus life.

Q: What are you involved in outside of class?
A: I’m on the swim team, I volunteer with Center for Civic Engagement & Learning (CCEL) and CCEL Scholars and I lead a volunteer group.

Q: Could you describe your experiences?
A: Volunteering is my favorite thing, because I get to meet a lot of people, and we get to go out and help people together. It’s a good thing to be a part of. We help people with disabilities. And swimming is great—I’ve been doing it since freshman year, so it was like an automatic family. I’ve got a lot of good friends through that, and the coaches are like second parents.

Q: What has been your favorite memory?
A: One of my fellow volunteers taught the people with disabilities we work with how to do a thumbs-up sign. When we went back the next time, she remembered how to do it, and it was really cool. That was probably the most memorable experience.

Q: How do you think your college experience would’ve differed without those activities?
A: Without volunteering it would’ve been hard to find things I’m really passionate about. Without swimming I wouldn’t have the close friends and support system that I have.

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