Dining halls continue Valentine’s Day special

Fancy tableware, signature four course dishes and elegant decorations seems like a romantic scene in a fancy New York restaurant on Valentine’s Day, but this scene is closer than the Big Apple; it is actually set for Leutner Dining Hall on Case Western Reserve University’s annual Valentine’s Day event, hosted by Bon Appétit.

The cost? Just two meal swipes, as seen in the name: Two-Swipe Date Night. And as if that wasn’t enough, students will be able to choose from a wide range of delicious dishes, starting with mouth-watering appetizers, like bacon wrapped shrimp with a side of raspberry barbecue sauce, and ending not only on a full stomach, but also with a rich dessert that only connoisseurs could talk about in reviews such as the New Yorker. This includes a chocolate covered long stem strawberry dipped in grand marnier cream.

Bon Appétit will be hosting the event from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Feb. 13 for Leutner Dining Hall and on Feb. 14 for Fribley Dining Hall. For Fribley, it will be its third year holding the event, and for Leutner, its second. The comeback was only natural—it was so popular that it sold out last year.

It wasn’t just the students who were enthusiastic about the well-liked event. The staff of Bon Appetit, such as Marketing Manager Beth Kretschmar and Executive Chef Robbie Washington both presented their ardent love for the menus they created.

“The event was a great success, and everyone involved really enjoyed themselves. Our staff is very enthusiastic anytime we can do something special for the students. We are very proud of our menus,” Kretschmar stated.

The menus are not only fancy, but they also apply Bon Appétit’s everlasting motto for the food they provide for CWRU students. As Kretschmar says, “We always promote good health and well-being, especially when it comes to food.”