Discussing possible names of the new Seattle hockey team


The NHL recently approved the expansion of the league to Seattle. The last major professional winter team in Seattle was the Supersonics, who played in Key Arena. The ownership group of the new NHL franchise has renovated Key Arena in order to modernize it.

Andrew Ford, Sports Editor

On Tuesday Dec. 4, the NHL announced they will expand the league to 32 teams, with a new franchise beginning play for the 2021-2022 season in Seattle.

This addition is a win for both Seattle and the NHL. Seattle is a sports town that boasts some of the best fans in the United States. For the NHL, the league gains more exposure for a rapidly growing sport in the U.S. Plus, Seattle offers the perfect mix of a rapidly growing city featuring a number of booming business with the allure of a city without a major winter sports team.

Many sports fans may not know of the history of hockey in Seattle. The Seattle Metropolitans were a member of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association from 1915 to 1924. In fact, the Metropolitans were the first American hockey team to win the Stanley Cup in 1917.

The real question that remains though is what mascot the team will take. Some advocate for the Metropolitans, a throwback to the team of old. Totems is another well spread option, a reference to a former minor league team of the 1950s and the tradition of Pacific Northwest Native Americans. OddsShark has the Emeralds as the current betting favorite. Of course, Seattle is known as the Emerald City for its vast forests.

Choosing a logo is no easy task. An uninteresting mascot will limit the popularity of the franchise, while a unique one will attract fans from across the continent. A mascot with local significance is the most important factor.

Based on this criteria, Emeralds is the clear choice of the current hypothesized mascots. It differentiates itself from common mascots, like big cats, and it resonates with Seattle citizens. The good news, though, is that there is plenty of time for new names to be considered. If a better name emerges, I will gladly jump on board. If not, I will accept the Emeralds, while also advocating for the best mascot of all: the Seattle Kraken.