Down the “Rabbit Hole”

CWRU performers answer questions ahead of show’s opening


Courtesy of Sarasota Arts

This play starring CWRU students ties in themes of family and loss, as well as hope.

Mulan Ma, Copy Editor

“Rabbit Hole,” directed by first-year Case Western Reserve University student Mikhail Goldenberg, is a play written by David Lindsay-Abaire about a picture-perfect family in New York that experiences a tragedy. Becca and Howie Corbett fall upon hard times after the death of their son, Danny. In response, Nat, Becca’s mother, struggles to keep the family afloat, while  Izzy, Nat’s other daughter, struggles with her own family troubles. Tying in strings of grief, guilt and blame with dreams for a better future, in addition to incredible moments of foreshadowing and character-building, the audience can no doubt have a fruitful experience seeing this play about adapting to tragedy and witnessing the metamorphosis of hope. In anticipation of the show’s opening, performers Sedona Jolly, Emily Kuntz and Devin Knott answered questions about their experiences preparing for their roles. 

Q: What was your experience playing your respective character? 

Sedona Jolly (Nat): “Nat has been such a fun character to get to know. From her posh attitude to her penny-for-her-thoughts advice, Nat’s energy is unmatched. But underneath all the drama she is still a mother suffering from loss and using whatever sanity she has to make up for the past and rekindle her connection with the family she has left. I think the duality of the role is what I like most about it. It’s trying to [find] the authenticity in her slip ups, but understanding that they don’t define her whole character. Through it all, she is still striving for love and healing for herself and the people around her. Nat is a lesser-known, but equally valid, archetype of how people move through grief.” 

Emily Kuntz (Izzy): I had a really great experience working with the character of Izzy. It was incredible fleshing her out and figuring out what makes her tick. All of the cast and crew have been really supportive and patient with helping me through this process. Our director and crew have really been wonderful to work and grow this character with.” 

Devin Knott (Howie): “My experience has been great! It is unlike any role that I have ever played before, so the challenge of it has really driven me to strive to be the best I can possibly be.” 

Q: What feelings and/or experiences do you think an audience member would attain from watching this play? 

Jolly: “The play is cathartic, invigorating and wholly validating. In a world collectively suffering through grief because of the pandemic, it is a much needed cadence to the feelings of loss people may have yet to come to terms with.” 

Kuntz: “This play is an emotional rollercoaster. The audience will probably join the characters on a lot of emotional highs and lows. I can’t necessarily place one emotion or feeling that they will experience, and I think that’s what makes this play so unique. Each member of the audience will have a different experience and a different set of emotions in reaction.” 

Knott: “I would hope that an audience member will gain a different perspective and an added appreciation for the things and/or people they love in life. The show is about loss and how people cope with tragedy, so maybe someone can get a different idea about how they personally can process tragedy.” 

Q: If you could describe this play in one word, what would it be?  

Jolly: “Spiraling.” 

Kuntz: “If I had to try to describe this play using one word it would probably be multifaceted. There’s just so much to this play that’s so hard to put simply. This play really captures just a full range of emotion that can’t be put into words and should just be experienced.” 

Knott: “Devastating.” 

“Rabbit Hole” will be shown in the A.W. Smith Building on Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. Additional information regarding the show can be found on CampusGroups.