The Most Dramatic Bachelorette Season Yet…Maybe

When “The Bachelorette” premiered May 23, Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher met her 26 potential suitors to begin her journey of love. But with those suitors comes a myriad of dramatic moments that will continue to develop as the season continues. The season begins with many cheesy snapshots of sunsets, beaches and a well-known monologue about how Fletcher is ready to find love after Ben Higgins broke her heart last season.

The series continues as the past Bachelorettes, including Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock and Ali Fedotowsky, try to give her advice but mostly end up asking her questions about her hesitations, making this scene appear more like gossip than guidance.

Finally, the night arrives with the 26 men aiming to grab Fletcher’s attention with their punny gifts, extravagant entrances and familiar pick-up lines. The most memorable entrances included kilts, Santa costumes, a horse with a horn (“a unicorn” to imitate Fletcher’s own entrance that involved a unicorn head the previous season), and an All-4-One acapella group performance. Ultimately, these insane antics make one question why these men are reliant on cheesy tactics rather than genuine conservations, considering this show is not a talent show but a journey towards love. Nonetheless, the drama only continues as the men step inside the Bachelor Mansion.

The cocktail party brings nervous and anxious contestants who struggle to make their first impressions. For example, a civil engineer, Will, uses a paper fortune teller to elicit an awkward first kiss from Fletcher. However, the former football player Jordan Rodgers shares stories about his family and ultimately gets the first impression rose—and his first kiss with Fletcher.

The nerves had many men throwing back booze to calm themselves down. The wild card was Daniel, the “Canadian,” ends up taking off his clothes after getting too drunk and jumping into the pool. Despite his semi-nudity, the Canadian stays for the next week. Later in the episode, when Fletcher was doing her interview with the ABC producers, two drunk men, one after another, walked in and seemed unaware of what they were interrupting. Those men were sent home.

Despite the ridiculousness that surrounded the first episode, the promo that looks into the entire season shows tears, heartaches, one contestant, Chad, threatening the other men with physical violence…. but also love. It gives promise that Fletcher will find someone but also depicts dramatic moments every step of the way.