Editorial: How to survive the Cleveland cold as a college student

Editorial Board

This week’s weather has been hellish. It’s bitterly cold, to the point where you can see a cloud of your breath way too clearly. As we go through the waves of cold in Cleveland until the end of March (hopefully at the latest), here are a few things we can do to make this weather more bearable. 


Layer up

A parent has probably nagged you before about dressing warmly with layers over the years. Even though dressing in layers can be a pain, it will make walking against the bitter wind much easier. While many people already do wear an extra shirt on top, adding a pair of leggings or sweatpants under your pants is a game changer. Furthermore, scarves and hats can lessen the sting of the wind. Our parents may have had a point about layers all these years.


Drink a cup of a warm beverage

Make yourself a little treat when doing homework or when you wake up. Even though a hot drink doesn’t have a significant effect in increasing your body temperature, feeling the warmth of the cup in your fingers or savoring that first way-too-hot sip is satisfying. A warm beverage can even have a psychological effect, creating emotional warmth or even feelings of happiness. 


Have a music or podcast distraction

This is something that many people already do, but putting in headphones on your walk to class can aid in distracting yourself from the cold. If music isn’t your thing, listening to a podcast or audiobook or even calling someone can divert your attention. 


Cocoon yourself in blankets

When you get home from class, all you want to do is get warm. So, burrow yourself under a pile of blankets and just hibernate until you warm back up. This is very self-explanatory advice, but we felt that it was essential to include. 


Add ambient lighting to your space

Let’s be honest—harsh overhead lighting can be depressing, especially in the darkness of winter. So, hang up some string lights or get yourself a lamp to be your source of light on cloudy days and cold nights. Ambient lighting can make your room feel cozier, making cabin fever more manageable. 


Play a comfort movie or TV show

Again, when the weather is too gray and windy to bear, making your environment enjoyable might make your room feel less bleak. Reverting back to your favorite TV show or rewatching your favorite movie might brighten up your room and be the glimpse of happiness you need. 


Hang out with friends

Seasonal depression hits hard during the winter time, especially when it’s numbingly cold. And while doing some self-care or drinking hot chocolate can provide moments of relief, it can be isolating sitting in your room all alone. However, while it is understandable to not want to go out in the winter freezes, once you push yourself to dress warmly and meet your friends for dinner, it will be worth it to experience some emotional warmth.

So, burrow yourself under a pile of blankets, make some tea with your friends and put on “Groundhog Day” or do whatever else to give yourself a reprieve from the six degree windchill. And hopefully, we can make the Cleveland winter a little less miserable.