Editorial: We appreciate campus life, opportunities

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Editorial Board decided to give thanks and discuss many facets we love about Case Western Reserve University.

We usually don’t devote a piece to the holiday, but this calendar year has brought some unique challenges to our campus. Many campus organizations and offices are working to improve our campus and their efforts are for the betterment of us all.

It’s important to celebrate what we enjoy about our campus. Let us know what you’re thankful for and whether you agree with our list.


Our school is located in a hub of cultural activity. Uptown’s restaurants offer tons of diverse cuisines, including Indian, Greek, Chinese and Mexican food. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Botanical Garden and Cleveland Museum of Natural History are easily accessible to our campus community. If you walk just a few minutes off campus, you’ll be in the middle of Little Italy, surrounded by Italian food and cigars. We even have reduced-price tickets to Severance Hall, which hosts the internationally acclaimed Cleveland Orchestra.


It’s no secret that the students, staff and faculty here are involved in world-class research, in every field from biomedical engineering to sociology. Our nursing school is tackling the citywide problem of lead paint and childhood development. We have a SpaceX Hyperloop team working on developing the next high-speed form of transportation. Let’s not forget the Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavours program, which helps pay students to investigate their research passions.

Tinkham Veale University Center

When you’re walking to class through brutal wind and freezing rain, the Tinkham Veale University Center (TVUC) is there to give you a few moments of relief. When you’re starving and stuck in the middle of campus, you can grab some of the best food on campus at Melt, Naan or any of the other places in the TVUC. It’s is also a great place to study, socialize or play with that giant interactive screen.

Academic flexibility

Once you’re accepted to CWRU, you’re accepted to all of its colleges, which makes it easy to explore all your academic options and switch majors if you decide you’d rather study political science than mechanical engineering. Some advisors are passionate about their role in helping students, and are happy to help you work out a course schedule that suits all of your academic interests.

School spirit
If you use social media, you might be familiar with CWRU’s particular brand of school spirit. Students draw on their experiences with the quirks of campus life to create clever memes that help all of us deal with tough classes and freezing weather. People use social media to form study groups and advertise events around campus, helping to strengthen our sense of community and making everyone feel included.

Transportation system

Despite some of the struggles that we have seen in the past with campus transportation, we’re lucky to have a safe way to get around campus at all hours of the day and night. Campus shuttles and SafeRides are always there to save the day when it’s raining or you’re late to class. When you don’t feel safe walking across campus past 3 a.m., we have a 24/7 walking escort service.