Editorial: We try to give dating advice

Instead of giving our take on campus news this week, we decided to do something different. Our production night for this issue was on Valentine’s Day, and instead of being with a date, we spent our evening writing an article about dating advice. Using these apps on our campus comes with its own special challenges, but if you make sure to follow our tips, you might get some interest from your fellow Case Western Reserve University students. We’re just trying to have some fun.

A successful profile starts with your pictures. It sounds superficial, but the photos you present can make or break your experience with dating apps. We’re being cynical and believing that people typically decide pretty quickly if they want to swipe right or left.

To really spice up your profile, get one of your friends to take fancy pictures of you at popular spots on campus. No one can resist a picture of you laying stretched out on the Wet-Dry Fountain. For something that looks both majestic and professional, make sure the Tinkham Veale University Center is in the background—those smooth glass walls will make you appear extra sophisticated. To show off your fun-loving and spontaneous personality, include a picture of you in Kelvin Smith Library, preferably on a Friday or Saturday night. You’re going to be there anyway, so you might as well get a picture of it.

When it comes to your bio, remember that you don’t have much room to explain why you’re a catch. Keep it short and sweet, but still descriptive enough to catch the eye of that special someone.

Since we’re at CWRU, it’s crucial that you include your major in your bio. But you’ll get extra points if you include your GPA. And even more points if you write about your plans for summer or for after graduation.

Once you’ve set up a strong profile and bio, it’s time for the toughest part: making the first contact. Check out our Horoscopes this week for a list of CWRU-inspired pickup lines. If you use any of these on our campus, you’re almost guaranteed to get a date (keyword: almost).

When you’re finally convinced someone to go out with you, choose your date location and activity wisely. If you’re into engineering or robotics, show off your education by building a boat and taking your date out sailing on Wade Lagoon. To show your date that you’re a big spender, use a meal swipe on them. You could go to Leutner Commons, but if you want to go the extra mile, go to Fribley Commons instead.

Jokes aside, we hope that every member of our campus community who’s interested in dating isn’t afraid to dive in. Using Tinder on our campus might not be the easiest task, but you never know. You might just find your Spartan soulmate.