Editor’s Note: A toast to our graduating editorial board staff

Shreyas Banerjee, Executive Editor

Congratulations seniors. You’ve done it. You’ve made it through your education here at Case Western Reserve University. This is certainly a moment worthy of even grander recognition than a normal graduation—your college experience has been unlike anyone else’s. You got a taste of typical campus life in your first year, only to see it snatched away for two years before finally a sense of semi-normalcy during your final year. You’ve collectively been the guiding hand leading the rest of us back to what college life should be. You’ve seen student organizations go through struggles, only to bring them right back. This deserves major commendation.
Of course, those graduating seniors who worked at The Observer have a special place in my heart. I’ve seen your resolve as the university shut down and we were forced to move to digital publication and virtual production nights. I’ve seen how you all worked to find new ways to reach the student body and continued making The Observer relevant even when there wasn’t a campus to report on anymore. And most importantly, I’ve seen how the foundations you all laid will continue to guide The Observer to success. I’m proud to have learned from you all, and I’m especially proud to call you my friends.

All of our time at this university must pass—an inevitability of the student experience. And though the marks made at CWRU are washed away by the waves of time via new students and new ideas, I know that your legacy will stand here at The Observer for years to come. You all led us through darkness and back towards the light. Now, we will continue to learn from your guidance and build on the frameworks you set. The Observer will keep growing and thriving, but it couldn’t have happened without you all. You ensured our survival.

So from all of us who learned from you all over the years, thank you. Here’s to you, seniors. I hope we meet again as we go down our respective paths.

Special thanks and love go to Director of Digital Media Hannah Allen, Director of Design Vinayak Mathur, Photo Editor Chris Heermann, Copy Editor Julia Feng-Bahns, former Executive Editor Nathan Lesch, former Director of Business Jacob Berg and former Opinion Editor Jordan Reif.